Why to learn C programming language ?

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You are here means you are learning C programming language or you want to learn C programming language and  questions arising  in your mind are , What is use of learning C programming language ? Is learning C programming language wastage of time ? will C programming language give you benefit ? And also one question which is definietly arriving in your mind is  Can you earn money from C programming language ? you will get answer of all these questions here. 

          C programming language is developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs between 1972 and 1973. Age of C programming language is nearly 50 years and still C programming Language is used and base of learning all programming language.

Why base of learning all programming languages ?/Benefits of learning C programming Language

       once you learned C Programming Language it means you have learned 60 to 70% of C++ programming language . and after learning C `you will need less time to learn C++. And once you learned C++ programming Language then every other programming  Language in the world is easy for you. you will learn any other programming language very fast and this is biggest benefit of learning C Programming Language. 

           You will learn C++ , java, python very fast in less time because all these programming languages have nearly same concepts just language is different. According to me if you are beginner and you have much time you must start from C programming language. I started from C programming language and while learning java i was able to write difficult codes in java with less knowledge of java. This clearly indicates that after learning C how less time is needed to learn other programming language. Also it indicates why learning C programming language is not wastage of time. while learning C programming language You will come to know what eaxctly  is programming language and  what is coding . Concept and logic building is same for every programming language in this world. 

What you will learn In C ?  

  while learning C programming Language you will completely  study important  concepts in every programming languages such as variables, datatypes , strings , functions , arrays , if-else , loops , graphics and many things. For loop, while loop and if-else are very important in any programming language and also in game development . You can master these topics as unlimited examples of for loop, while loop and if else are present on internet in C programming language. If you think you have run some examples of for loop and while loop and now you are master in for loop and while loop it's totally wrong. you have to write more codes, run more C programs. Main goal of learning programming language is not only understanding the concepts . you must able to write code on any difficult problems and you will learn this by practice and writing more codes in C and C++. 

where C programming language is used ?

  1. C programming Language is used for System Programming. System Programming means making computer System Softwares.
  2. C programming language is used in making opearting Systems. C programming language has been used in making linux operating System , mac os operating system.
  3.  C programming language is used in back-end in websites such as Google , Youtube.

       And If you want to do Something Big and new, C programmimg Language is must.

How to learn C programming Language ?

Learning C programming language does not complete without writing more codes without errors. How much maximum codes you will run and how much more errors will come that much more you will learn in C. Learning C programming language will take more time (according to me). When i started to learn C programming language at that time I didn't knew anything about C programming and also i didn't knew about variables and data types. I was typing code as it is in turboc and there were always errors in program and I solved that errors and then i came to know what specific program does. I have learned and I am learning c programming language with examples and running more C programs. I focused less on theory more on writing codes. 

1: Video course: There are many youtube channels who are teaching C programming for free learn from them. Clear concepts from them.

2: Type code as it is and run it, you will understand about errors and you will come to know how to write code. Write more codes. By this way you will learn everything. Practice more and more. According to me upto when you will not run each program yourself, you will not learn anything.

3:  There are many websites or books solve the problem questions from books and  websites this will make you perfect in C programming. And This will help you in writing difficult codes in other programming Language.

 4: Create C projects yourself. learn from  projects available online.

What to study First ?

1. Basic(variables , datatypes ,
printf("");,Scanf("");, addition substraction programs)
2.Opertors in c 3. for loop 4. while loop 5. if-else
6.Array 7. String 8.Function 9.structure 10.pointer
11.File management


Best Books to learn C programming language ?

1.C The Complete reference Fourth Edition By Herbert Schildt:

This is best book for C programming language which I am using to learn C programming language. This book will guide you in Learning C programming Language.*

How you can earn money from C programming language ?

 There may be many ways to earn money from  C programming language but ways about which you will know here will definietly give you money.  You have to work on this ways Seriously .

1.Earning through Teaching C language: Teaching C programming language will definietly give you money. you can start your own tution classes and teach C programming. And take money for your teaching. quality is king. you must teach your students perfectly for that you must learn perfectly.

2.Youtube Channel: Youtube channel is one of the best way to earn money. you can teach C programming language on youtube. As I say "quality is king" you must teach in best way on your youtube channel. You have to watch videos of other youtubers who teach C programming and you have to do some research about how you can teach anything in best way.

3.Blogging: If starting classes and teaching on youtube is difficult for you don't worry. start blogging. In blogging You don't have to teach Infront of anybody or camera. you have write Article or post on C programming language and publish it on your website and you will earn money through google Adsense and many Affiliate Programs. If you want to know more about blogging. Type Blogging on Youtube You will get everything you want.

4.jobs: I am Engineering final year student and my friends have given online test, to place in Company. In that test they have to write codes of questions asked in test. The best thing is They had choice in which language they have to write code. There were four options for every questions 1.C, 2.C++ , 3.java , 4.Python. It means by learning C programming you will definitely get job.

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