How to install pycharm on 32 bit Computers?

      I was thinking pycharm on 32 bit computers is impossible beacuse i I was trying to install pycharm on my laptop and always there was error that pycharm version is for 64 bit computers. And I was new in learning python and my laptop is 32 bit. So i used Idle to learn python. And after learning Python I started to learn pygame but some problems were coming while learning pygame  using Idle. I was finding how to install pycharm on 32 bit computers then I got Solution to my Problem . If you also want to know, How to install Pycharm on your 32 bit Computer? read this page you will get answer in this page.

            To install pycharm on 32 bit computer you have to download pycharm community edition version 2018.3.7 because this version works on 32 bit computers. link to download this pycharm version is in below button. click on button below to download 32 bit version. After clicking on buttton, you will see there many pycharm versions. In that versions you have to download only 2018.3.7 community edition version. you can understand how to download pycharm in 32 bit computers by using below images and video .If your problem is solved don't forget to subscribe youtube channel.

After clicking on above green colour pycharm link button 

download pycharm community edition version 2018.3.7

  After downloding pycharm install pycharm. After installing you can learn python , pygame , GUI, web development using flask and django and Every advance thing in python on this pycharm version.

video of pycharm installation on 32 bit computers  : 

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