how to create game using pygame on android mobile ? how to install pygame on android mobile ?

      1.Qpython3L and 2.pydroid3 apps are best for learning python on android mobile but what about learning creating games in python using pygame on Android mobile? you will know about this here. Creating game using pygame on Android mobile is very easy. And This made easy by Pydroid 3 app. you don't need to install pygame in pydroid3 app but if you write 

   import pygame 

  in pydroid 3 app. you will get error so in pydroid3 app you have to write pygame_sdl2 instead of pygame.

    import pygame_sdl2 

then it will work and in this way you can learn pygame on android mobile. watch this video:

      This is snake game created by me. I have learned this game development from codewithharry youtube channel.

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