Run c and c++ programs on android mobile.Which android app is best to learn c and c++ on android mobile ?

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Which Android app is best to learn C and C++  on android mobile ? this is biggest question for them who want to learn C and C++ programming language on android mobile.The answer to this question will get in this post.

         First thing , it is possible to learn C and C++ completely on android mobile, you can learn arrays , string , structure, pointer, Memory Management , data structure , object oriented programming  and you can also learn graphics programming on android mobile.In short you can learn complete C and C++ on android mobile,but how?

  There are many apps available on playstore on which you can learn C and C++ on android mobile. The only app which works like IDE is best. App must not give any wrong errors while running a program on android mobile. App must be such that which gives experience of learning C and C++ on laptop. It means app must work as like codeblocks or turbo C. I have used many apps to learn C  and C++ on android mobile but only 1 app is best which works in the same way as codeblocks and turbo c works on laptop.

 1.Cxxdroid: This is the best app best ide for android mobile to learn C and C++ programming language. This app is easy to can run any complex C and C++ program in Cxxdroid app.if you want to learn C and C++ programming language on android mobile Cxxdroid is best.

for learning graphics you have to use Turbocdroid app

2.Turbocdroid:by using Turbocdroid app you can easily learn Graphics programming


3.while learning C ,C++ or any programming language on android mobile you will need coding keyboard to make learning easy. coding keyboard is available on playstore

if possible you can connect one physical keyboard to android mobile this will make learning programming language on android mobile 10 times easier

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